Autumn Spice & Everything Nice - Sugar Scrub

This scrub will leave your hands and body feeling fabulous! The grape seed oil base will leave your hands with that 'freshly moisturized' feeling, but because this is a scrub and you are washing your hands or body, it will not leave them too oily! Great for those with sensitive skin -- I have ultra sensitive skin and have had no issues using this!

Made using 100% PURE essential oils. All natural and no chemicals! 4 oz jar as shown in the image.

A little scrub goes a long way so if used properly should last you awhile.

Comes with spoon for stirring. Comes in a GLASS not plastic jar. These are made to order so processing time can be between 2-5 days, but I can normally have the product shipped within the week of order. *Essential oils are questionable during pregnancy, if pregnant please research/consult your physician before use. * Do not eat.

*Do not use on open sores.

*Do not get in eyes.

*Apply to elbows, knees and hands. If you use on heels be mindful if you are in the shower! There IS oil in this product so take caution as it may become slippery. *Not recommended for use on the face. As of right now, I only ship to USA. Instructions for use: Dampen area with warm water, use your little wooden spoon that was supplied to you with your order to scoop out your desired amount of scrub.

I advise that you only use the spoon provided to get out the desired amount of scrub,. This will prevent any bacteria from you hands from entering the jar. This will eliminate contamination. Allergies can occur even when most ingredients are all natural. I recommend a patch test before full use, and if any irritation please discontinue the use of product. This product contains: Organic white sugar, organic brown sugar, Grape seed oil, Vegetable glycerin, Pumpkin spice, Essential oils of: Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Sweet orange.

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