Dogs, Fireworks, & CBD Oil...

With July 4th approaching quickly, it’s an important time right now to consider how your dog will feel about the festivities.

As humans, we may enjoy our loud music, parties and explosive fireworks, however, these festivities can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety in our dogs & cats. There is nothing wrong with your pet if they are afraid. It's actually a very normal response. During fireworks, your dog can experience the same kind of startled response you do when you’re surprised by a loud noise. It could cause an increased heart rate, a rush of adrenaline, and an increase in stress. Really, the most important thing you can do during fireworks is to stay calm. Making a big fuss around the dog only reassures him/her that there is indeed a good reason to panic. Maybe during this time you can give your pet a favorite toy or special treat; try to make the 'noise' a positive experience rather than a 'freak-out' session.

Of course for more information on this topic you can always get council from a Dog Trainer/Behaviorist Specialist.

Outside help: CBD is showing great promise in this area as a harmless, natural medicine capable of quelling anxiety in humans and fur babies alike.

When CBD enters a mammals endocannabinoid system, specific receptors found throughout the body are activated. Basically, CBD makes it easier for the body to calm down and relieve tension and anxiety, because receptors in the endocannabinoid system can now “speak” to each other.

Pretty cool right?

We use FAB CBD in our home for our pups and ourselves and have had great results. AND...this product will not make you high or your pup high. It contains very low levels of THC & is completely legal in the entire USA! The CHEWS contain ZERO THC, but should not be given to the animals. Stick with the natural oil for them.

I'd like to also take a minute and remind people that for Military Vets with PTSD, the 4th and Fireworks can be nerve-wracking to them as well. Obviously we can take the time to celebrate, but be mindful of others while doing so, as they may not be enjoying it as much as you. :)

Check out more information here ->

PS - I do not work for FAB. I am a huge fan because of the success I have had and one of our dogs has had great success as well!

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