Don't Let Another Day Slip By...

Tell someone TODAY how much they mean to you.

Life is uncertain and you may not get another chance to do so.

Take a moment today and let someone know you have been thinking about really doesn't take much to brighten someone's day.

A simple text:

"Hey mom! I love you! <3"

An email:

"Hey, bro...I know we haven't spoken a lot lately...but I do think of you often and I love you."

A phone call:

"Hey, sis! What's going on?? Been thinking of you today and just wanted you to know that I love you!"

...or stop in person to go visit your grandparents... (they love that!)

It's as simple as those following things. It doesn't have to be elaborate and you would have totally made their day.

Remember, tomorrows are not promised to anyone. Don't let another day slip by without reaching out to those you love.

Oh and by the way... I love you & have a beautiful day!


-The Dalai Nala™

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