Don't worry...

The only thing that worrying does is take away today's peace.

Model: Floki, Shepard mix rescue & The Dalai Nala's little brother.

Floki needs to practice this quote.

He has been in a shelter most of his life and he isn't even a year old yet. (Dec 12th is his birthday) He was rescued from a high kill shelter down in NC and brought up here to NH - we found him at the Animal Rescue League of NH in Bedford.

I had been watching their page since March 2016 and kept seeing his cute little, I told my husband about him and he was reluctant as we already owned two dogs...but he is a sucker for cute faces (lol) so we went down to the shelter in June to see 'Conner' (now Floki) in person and instantly fell in love...even though he wanted NO part of us!

He is extremely shy, scared, and timid. The one thing he is sure of know now is love. He LOVES to cuddle in the mornings.

We have a lot of work yet ahead of us with him - but he has come a long way since we adopted him.

Sweet Floki

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