Freight Train Without Brakes!

As many of you know, I absolutely love dogs...duh, I own 4 and 5 live in my house!

The past few days have been very difficult for me, and I have been trying to process it.

I LOVE being able to help the rescue that I am involved in! I use my social media talents to show the adorable, cute doggos that we have available for adoption here in NH.

I know most of you enjoy seeing the dogs. And more reactions are, "Look how happy they are!" or "Look how cute!" Over here in NH -- we get the happy/fun stuff.

However, at Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico (which is where Sato Heart Rescue gets all our adoptable dogs from) it is not always cute and happy puppies.

It's sick, neglected, maimed, starved, and some so broken they cannot be saved.

I was not personally there in PR to witness it first hand, but I saw images the other day of a poor dog...he was deliberately run over TWICE. If that was not bad enough people were wanting to bury him alive...It was heart wrenching to hear the story.

I will spare my readers the images...just was horrific.

Unfortunately he was far too broken to be fix...his jaw was broken in four places, he had liquid building up in his lungs making it hard for him to draw breath, a hole in his nose and many, many other wounds... They had to euthanize him.

RIP little one.

THANKFULLY some wonderful women were with him in the end to help him cross over, so he was not alone.

I am sorry little dog that humans failed you. I am sorry you had to suffer so much. But, I am thankful that, for your final moments, you did feel love. You felt compassion. You felt warmth and kisses. Not all humans are bad and we have a fabulous group of people dedicated to do their best in saving all of you. I am sorry we could not save you. My heart has been breaking and I cried for you little doggie.

Nothing on this earth should have to suffer the misery that this animal endured.

Koda, (picture below and our newest addition) was one of these dogs -- coming from a place where he was thrown away like trash. He was literally found in a dumping area. A living, breathing soul. His fate, could have very well been, the same as the dog I talked about above.


Please consider fostering this Christmas instead of buying a dog. Consider volunteering at at a rescue. Consider donating. The more GOOD people we have to help....the more dogs we can save.

Please consider voting on my story that I remind you about daily on Facebook - I know many may think I am a pain in the ass and probably complain to others about how much I post about dogs, (don't really care!) but this story is why I do what I do and I do it with passion.

If you don't want to help that is fine, but, get out of my way, cuz I'm a freight train without brakes.


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