Good Friend is cheaper than therapy

The old saying that "good friends are hard to find" really rings true. You humans are so complicated.

Us dogs are never afraid to show our emotions. You can always tell the way I wiggle my whole body when I see happy dance is cute isn't it?

I am SO happy to see you all the time I can hardly contain myself.

But for you humans, it is harder to open up because maybe you were hurt in the past. But, in order to find someone you are truly compatible with, you will need to let go of the past, let go of the fear and trust in your friends.

A good friend is cheaper than therapy!

So let's all try to judge others less and remember that everyone has their battles they are fighting.

Be loyal, don't be afraid, appreciate the small things, don't hold grudges, and give people a chance.

This is how you live life with peace and harmony. Live each day and enjoy the moment.

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