I have done it! - Finally

I have finally gone ahead and done it! It only took me 3 years...LOL

I have been working for myself as an independent contractor for a few years now and yesterday I woke up with renewed inspiration.

I had, had lunch with a friend and she said something to me during our meeting that kind of slapped me upside the head...

She said - and I am paraphrasing...

"YOU ARE AWESOME! The services you provide help those that hire you. You already do enough favors by going the extra mile. You work hard and deserve this chance. YOU are WORTH it!!!"

I AM WORTH IT! I DO work hard and I DO deserve this chance to really make 2017 MY year.

I created a logo for my very own business and registered the business name! So I am LEGIT!


Moral of the story -- YOU are worth it and you are amazing! Grab on to your dreams now! This is the start of something beautiful!

Check out my Facebook Page HERE

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY - Social Media Designer is now a registered trade name with the State of New Hampshire, Department of State. WOOT!

#Life #SelfWorth #Smile #SmallBusinessOwner

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