Max Needs Our Help

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

UPDATE: Sadly Max has crossed over Rainbow Bridge last night. May you rest in peace and be in pain no more... We are heartbroken for the family... our condolences... :(


Some images in this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

This is a public service announcement....

This happened LOCALLY to a family pet...right here in Amherst NH!

A wild animal (Vet believes it was a bobcat) attacked a family pet and now he is fighting for his life.

Max was in his OWN yard when this attack happened. It was quick and vicious. His humans were home when this happened!

Things you can do to help prevent this:

Do not leave your dogs outside unattended

Fence in your yard

Get an outdoor light

Do not leave garbage out

Avoid using bushes - coyotes like to hide in those places

Keep your dog leashed on walks

If you do encounter a wild animal - be calm, be big, be loud. Do everything you can to look intimidating.

Report sightings in your area

FYI to anyone that uses paypal -where it says: Under special instructions: Write: "Please note: this $ goes towards MAX in Amherst NH"

This rescue is located in NY but saves dogs from kill shelters in the South and rehomes them mostly in New England - This is where MAX was rescued from.

You can also make donations to - Ponemah Veterinary Hospital which is where Max was treated and will continue to be treated

Max trying to eat
Max trying to eat

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