“No” is a Complete Sentence!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Value your time
Value your time

After all is said and done, more is said than done.

Value your time and learn to say no. Yes, that is right, YOUR time is just as valuable as anyone else!

“No” is a word most of us use too infrequently. Very few people can just say the word "no" and, what’s worse, when we say “No” we feel obligated to add a long explanation to justify why we said no in the first place! But listen and take heed! “No” is a complete sentence! The end. PERIOD!

Learning to say “no” and letting it hang out there all by itself is a marvelous superpower to behold!

Of course, the receiving party will likely counter with a “why?” or some other long, whiny sentence to protest your "no" and make you feel guilty. Don't let it happen!

If this happens and you feel that stating “no is a complete sentence” is a bit harsh, try being raw and honest.

Example: “I am incredibly tired and mentally unable to take on anything else in my life right now.”

This example rarely, if ever, elicits a challenge. Who could argue with you after a statement like that? :) BAM!


Don't get me wrong...helping others and doing for others can be a very rewarding and wonderful experience. I help people all the time and I do a lot of volunteer work at a local dog rescue, but I do not do these things at the expense of my own happiness.

helping others

Stop pleasing people if it causes you misery or grief. Don't feel guilty about saying "No" either! If you keep pushing the things you want to do off to the side, you become resentful and unhappy AND I promise you, you will end up having regrets at missed opportunities!

Ensure that your lists, tasks and things YOU want to do get done before helping others. THEN and only then, if you are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to aid others, then by all means go for it! Help away!

Self care is not a luxury it's a necessity and you should never feel guilty about taking care of yourself first.

You will find when all your needs are met both physically and emotionally you will be a happier, healthier person and you will be able to accomplish much more than you ever thought you could!

So, don't forget to love yourself enough today to take the time to please YOU. 💗

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