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Milford, NH, October 11, 2017– Laurie A Gouley, Certified Health Coach, CPT & small business owner, has published two books using the wisdom (and cuteness) of her rescue dog, The Dalai Nala™. With these two books her goal is to inspire and motivate people to live in a more healthy and positive way.

“There is so much negative in the world. I want to inspire and motivate people to look at things differently. To spread kindness and love, instead of anger and hate. Imagine the world we could have if we all shared positive things as much as we shared the negative! Let’s change this pattern together!” – Laurie

Laurie’s unique way of capturing the “Dalai Nala” vision is through her rescue dog, Nala; as Laurie has been learning a dog’s perspective can put a new twist on things – in a good way! They live life in the moment and are always glad to see you no matter how bad your day has been or how terrible you feel or how messy your hair is. It just doesn’t matter. They will love you unconditionally. We could all learn a lot if we just took some life lessons from our pets.

Five Star Review for our “I’m Still Writing My Story!”

“Simply put, this is the best Life Coaching resource on the market.

The author is a Certified Health Coach and Professional Trainer. I, too, am a Certified Professional Coach - and to be honest, I was expecting this book to contain the standard CPC modalities. After all, coaches follow certain procedures which are necessary for the client's success; and in focusing on helping the client move from Point A to Point B, the joy of each victory can sometimes get lost within the coaching plan itself. The process can become formulaic, even rote.

I'M STILL WRITING MY STORY breaks that mold in a big way. It flows seamlessly from challenges to goals to realization, while the reader creates a journal that becomes a priceless personal history, complete with treasured moments and affirmations.

It's an absolutely brilliant concept, one that Ms. Gouley conveys with a warmth that fully connects with the reader. I couldn't be more impressed. I'm always hunting for the best tools for clients, and in the future, I'll be referring them to this five-star resource.!” – Jenna Brooks

Laurie Gouley officially started working on these two book ideas back in 2015 and is currently working on building a following to make her goal a reality. She resides in Milford, NH and takes pride in her work. Her passion in helping others to succeed is what drives her company’s mission forward.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Laurie Gouley at 603-391-1749 or email at

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