The Web of Negativity - Are you caught in it?

As I was sipping my coffee and reading my Facebook news feed this morning...I was just shocked at all the name calling, disagreements, and exchanges of hateful words between 'friends' in regards to this political circus we have going on....

I could actually feel myself getting angry and anxious....

and then this message just hit me...hit me like a ton of bricks.

'Don't get caught up in a web of negativity...walk away and weave something beautiful.'

So at that very moment I decided to change my 'vibe' and make it happy, positive, and beautiful.

In today's world with everything that is going on, we can easily be caught & tightly wound into the "web of negativity".

Don't become cocooned in that spiral of negativism.

Walk away and create a great day.

We all have the power within us to just walk away.

Will you choose to be caught in the web or will you weave something beautiful today?

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