Crystal Infused Spring Water (this is believed to raise the energy to a higher vibration in which attributes to becoming more beneficial and healing), pure organic essential oils of vetiver, juniper berry and lavender, witch hazel and sweet dreams! 


Packaged in a plastic bottle so if your little one drops it there won't be shattered glass! 


Also, special repellant added to keep all spooky things away!   (witch hazel)
Vetiver: It is believed to be very grounding and calming. Believed to help with insomnia and boost immune system.
Juniper Berry: Believed to have calming and grounding effects to ease stress and emotional termoil. Is also said to help support healthy kidney and urinary tract function.
Lavender: An all purpose healing herb that gently cleanses and empowers. Lavender is a great oil for cleansing a room and raising the vibration.  Lavender is also known to be relaxing, so having it in a room before a social event can prevent negative energy before it starts.
Alcohol free ♦ Paraben free ♦ Vegan ♦ Gluten Free ♦ Pure Organic Essential Oils
Directions: shake gently prior to use.  Spray around the room, under bed and inside the closet.  For use on scary things only. Do not spray on parents, siblings, or pet.  :)


Do not spray in eyes and do not drink.

Stay Away Monster Spray!

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    Please note we have changed labels so labels may vary with orders.  :)

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